Swimming Pool Water Treatment KOI Fish Pond Water Treatment

K.B&B Corporation Limited

K.B&B Corporation Limited was founded in 2013, with years of experience, we have been a trusted specialist in the field of water treatment technologies and plays an active role in consultancy and contracting of water treatment project for various industries. We have been a preferred service provider for Hotels, Education Institutes, Engineering Contractors, Hospitals, Independent Houses, etc. We endeavor to provide comprehensive water treatment services and continue to perfect our products and services and look forward to expanding our service area in the coming future.


Cleaning And Disinfection Of The Water Treatment Facilities

  • Water Tank
  • Pipeline
  • Water filter
  • Drinking Water Treatment plants
  • Cooling water system

Cooling Water System Treatment

By using Molecular Clustering Nano Filtration System to favour the efficiency of biocide usage in water cooling tower system. It’s found that the overall efficiency can be significantly improved, and maintenance costs were lowered.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

  • Noticeably better water quality
  • The smell of chlorine, eye and skin irritation are greatly minimized
  • Lower operation costs

KOI Fish Pond Water Treatment

Remove all the pollutants and their by-products as fast as they are generated in order to provide a good living environment for the KOI fish

Water Quality Detection and Control System

Detection and control range: pH range: 0-14pH, ORP range: 0-1000mV,     Residual chlorine range: 0-10mg/L

Other Service

  • System design and technology selection
  • Equipment supply and installation
  • Filter media – supply and installation